While performing Takeoff in the IntelliBid Audit Trail, you may have noticed a small Purple Pin on the far right corner of the Single Items window (see image below). The Purple Pin is known as the Pin Open feature. The Pin Open feature allows the Single Item window to remain open allowing you to takeoff more than one item without closing the window.


Try this, go to a Single Item window (e.g. THHN shown above) and takeoff a single item. What happens? The Single Item window closes. Now, if you want to takeoff other items to go along with the first item, you’ll have to go in and out of the Single Items window time after time. This could get monotonous. To avoid going in and out of the Single Items window click on the Pin Open feature. Once you click the Purple Pin, it will drop to an angle indicating that the Pin Open feature has been activated. The Single Items window will now remain open and allow you to takeoff as much Single Item material in the selected Header. To deactivate the Pin Open feature, click on the Purple Pin once more and it will return to its original position, or simply click the small RED X just above the Purple Pin to close out the Single Items window.

The Pin Open feature has recently been added to the Quantity Calculator (see image below) as a Pin Insert feature. Its function in the Quantity Calculator is slightly different. Instead of keeping the Quantity Calculator open, it works in conjunction with the Insert mode keeping it activated until the Pin Insert button is clicked again to deactivate it.


Looking at the Quantity Calculator you will notice three buttons just below the calculator (see image above), Append,Insert and Pin Insert. Under normal circumstances the Quantity Calculator defaults to the Append mode. In the Append mode, all material taken off will be placed below the last material item in the Audit Trail. The Insert mode allows you to Insert a Single Item into an assembly or in between two single line items of material.
Note: IntelliBid will Insert an item above the line item that is highlighted in the Audit Trail. However, you cannot Insert an assembly into another assembly. Only Single Items can be inserted.

Once a Single Item has been taken off with the Insert mode, the Quantity Calculator will revert back to the default mode of Appending material. But what if you have multiple Single Items that are to be Inserted into an assembly or other area in the Audit Trail? Remembering to keep clicking the Insert mode can be cumbersome. This is where the Pin Insert feature comes in handy. By clicking and activating the Pin Insert feature, the Insert mode will remain in operation until the Pin Insert feature is clicked again to deactivate the Insert mode and return to the Append mode.

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