In our efforts to educate our customers with weekly tips, we feel that knowing how to customize IntelliBid will go a long way to a positive and productive user experience with the software.

One simple tip that many of you may not know about is that the Columns in the Grid areas can be shuffled around to expidite your workflow and present you with information you want to know about.

For instance, in the Takeoff grid area, if you wanted to see the Catalog Numbers for items that you were taking off, you would have to scroll the Grid over to the far right to see those numbers, which could be cumbersome after a while.

Try this, scroll the Grid to the right and locate a Grid Column you’d like to move closer and make more visible while you are perfoming a Takeoff. Left click on the Column Header and while holding down the mouse button, drag the header to a desired location. As you drag the Column Header across you will notice Red Arrows appearing at places in the Grid indicating where in theGrid that Column can be inserted. Once you have the Column where you want it, simply let go of the left mouse button and theColumn will drop into that position within the Grid.

Shuffling or relocating the Columns to suit your needs is a great feature but keep in mind that, whatever configuration you decide on will be put in place for all jobs past, present and future. When you decide on returning the Grid Columns back to their original location, drag them to where they were located prior to the Shuffle or at least as close as possible.


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