IntelliBid has a great feature that allows you to quite easily create a Custom Bid Template based on the settings of your current open project. For example, if you’ve already set up things like your local labor rates and tax rates, this can save you a great deal of time, and you don’t have to manually create or edit the cell formulas in bid template maintenance as you used to have to do in prior versions.

As seen in Figure 1, when you are in Bid Recap, simply click on the Blue “Save bid as template” button at the top of the window, and enter a name for your new template. This creates a new custom bid template based on the inputs you’ve used in the current open project.

When you create a new job in the Job Register, your new custom bid template is available for you to use as shown in
figure 2.

ib7-33-fig1-custom-bid-template ib7-33-fig2-custom-bid

Your new custom bid template can also be edited manually under Bid Template Maintenance, which is still an option if you want to make any further adjustments, but this feature gives you a head start. If you do want to delve deeper into manually customizing bid templates, you’ll find some good information right in the built-in help under Bid Template Maintenance.

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