In our last tip, IntelliBid Tip 34 | Save Time by Re-Using Takeoff Information, we showed you how to quickly select a portion of the audit trail in takeoff and re-use it elsewhere in your projects. This tip expands on this and provides you with some useful techniques when selecting items from your lists to cut or copy.

Click and Drag

The first way to select items in takeoff is with Click and Drag. This is done simply by left clicking and holding at the start while dragging to highlight and select a consecutive set of items as illustrated below.



For larger lists, you can Shift+Click to make the selection. This allows you to make selections that are larger than the currently visible window. To do this, start by clicking once on the first item you need to select. This will select that single item. Next, scroll until you can see the last item you want. Then hold down the shift key while clicking on that last item. This will select everything between and including your start and end selections.

Select All

An even faster and easier way to access everything within your takeoff list is with IntelliBid’s Select All feature. Just right click anywhere within the takeoff list. You’ll see a popup menu with Select All. This instantly selects the entire listing for the phase that you are on without having to drag or shift+click or do anything else with your mouse.

Image of ConEst IntelliBid Select All option in Takeoff


While Select All is a very useful feature, using “everything” in a very large listing may not always be what you’re after. In many cases you’ll want to select everything except a few items. This is very easy to do usingControl+Click

Hold down the control key while you click to select items to toggle the selection on or off. This provides you much finer control over your selections, and as you can see, your selections do not have to be consecutive.


No matter which method you use, once you have selected your list of items and assemblies, just right click and select Copy or use the small copy button up near the top of the screen. This holds your selections in memory so that you can reuse them in different phases or projects.

You have a couple of options when you paste the selections into your destination phase.

Paste Append places the copied items at the end of your target list.

Paste Insert places the material above the row that you may have selected in your target list. This allows you to move items within your list to help organize your takeoff.


Again, the end result is that when you paste to your destination, IntelliBid will prompt for any material or labor values in case you need to make adjustments. And you can easily go through your new list of items to adjust quantities or other parameters.




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