IntelliBid users have long benefited from great features such as the ability to find and replace items at takeoff. If for example, the size EMT on a project needs to be changed, you can easily replace a single item, or the items for the current phase, or search the complete Audit Trail and replace the item. This Find/Replace differs from Substitute in that you are replacing just the item. Whereas Substitute gives you expressions to perform functions like calculating the number of conductors in a wiring method or substituting like-sized items. The classic IntelliBid Replace feature served to provide an excellent way of replacing a single item in the takeoff with another item or within an existing assembly that is better suited for the project. When the replace function was executed, the user could use IntelliBid Explorer to find the item of their choice. But they would have to start at the top of the database for each item being replaced. IntelliBid  enhances this already great feature by automatically opening the database to the Category where the item is stored by is respective header. Typically you’ll want to be replacing an item with something similar, and the Category provides speed and convenience. Of course, if you want some unrelated item for replacement you can still navigate to the item using IntelliBid Explorer.

This video tip shows you this time saving feature in action. For even more detail, be sure to check out the section under “Takeoff Replace” within IntelliBids built-in help facility.

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