With the release of IntelliBid v7, we all can see and appreciate the powerful new features and robust enhancements that contribute to a smoother, faster estimate and bid proposal. However, many of the changes that are imbedded into IntelliBid v7 are not seen and work in the background, rendering them under appreciated.

One of those ‘ behind the scene‘ enhancements is quite impressive in its impact on IntelliBid v7. Have you ever heard of Formulas? Formulas are the engine behind many features in IntelliBid and one of those features that is influenced by Formulas is Assemblies. Assemblies use Formulas in making precise calculations in wire length, mounting hardware, labor to install and so much more.

The Formulas in IntelliBid v7 were overhauled to be more precise and robust in how they calculated material and labor in Assemblies. Dare I say, ‘ New and Improved? ‘

The Formulas in IntelliBid v7 now use ‘ IF ‘ statements to make calculations. In a nutshell, the IF statement answers the question, “Is this true or false?”, then proceeds on some action based on this information. For example, if the EMT Conduit is equal to or less than 6 ft., you will only need one hanger (3 ft. from each termination as referenced from NEC Code 358.30) However, if the EMT Conduit run is 100 ft., then 11 hangers would be allocated for mounting. This formula is expressed as:

  • IF ( R # < = 6, 1, ({(R # – 6)*.1} + SE @ ))

Where: R = Conduit Length and SE = Segments, { } = Will force a round-up. (this is a ConEst formula convention)

That’s all I’m going to say on that subject. Describing the full functionality of ‘ IF ‘ statements is for another Tip of the Week at some point in the future.

Here is an example of a Formula for a hanger in a 100 amp EMT Feeder assembly.


In this next example, I have taken off the same 100 foot Feeder in IntelliBid v6 and v7. Notice the difference in the amount of hangers in v6 and v7. There are less hangers using the new Formula in IntelliBid v7. If you do the math with your calculator following NEC Code 358.30 and using 1 inch EMT conduit, the correct amount of hangers is 11. In a small job it’s probably an insignificant amount but, in a large job it could mean plenty of extra hangers.


Does this mean that all the calculations that were performed using IntelliBid version 6 were incorrect? No, it does not! The Formulas for IntelliBid v6 were correct in the way calculations were performed and values determined. Now with IntelliBid v7, the Formula calculations are even more precise in generating values.

As you can see, ConEst is continuously improving upon what was already a ‘Best In Class‘ product with IntelliBid v6. Now, with the release of IntelliBid v7…….. the innovation hasn’t stopped.

Please stay tuned for the next IntelliBid v7 Tip of the Week when I’ll demonstrate how the ‘ IF ‘ statements can affect how an Assembly is recalculated in Takeoff.

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