Before you begin to use IntelliBid to its full potential, it needs to be setup with the complete company and contact information. One of the tabs that you will use to enter this information is the Companies tab located in the Companies / Contacts section. TheGeneral tab in Companies is where you will set up your company information as well as the companies you do business with. This includes the companies involved with the project as well as your suppliers, vendors, contractors, architects, inspectors and competitors. The companies that you’ll add here will be listed in the upper grid along with address and phone number.

The information that you will enter here, Company name, address, phone numbers, email and web addresses is all straightforward information. However, there is one selection that can make a difference with IntelliBid, Company Type.

Company Type is used as a filter for the companies that will be available for processing with this job in other sections of IntelliBid. This makes it important to be sure to assign a Company Type for each company you enter. Companies assigned with Quote Vendor Company Type will be available when adding the quotes for the bid in the Quotes section. Click the Company Type button and choose the appropriate type or types for this company.

For example, if you are setting up your company information, you would would notice that IntelliBid has already set your company as a Competitor. If not, place a check in the box next to Competitor. The reason is, you are a Competitor to other companies bidding for a job. Selecting Competitor is useful if you have BidTrac or JobTrac and also, future versions of IntelliBid v7 will use this information for Bid Probability Analysis.

Another example is adding a Quote Vendor, Supplier or SubContractor (i.e.. Graybar, Anixter, CLS, etc…), the companies added with a Quote Vendor designation will be available in a list when you are adding Quotes in the Quotes section or Bid Recap.


Bid Class
specifies the Customer Class Percentage applied to the Bid Total when the Bid proposal is created for a particular company you are bidding to. The Bid Class allows you to give favored companies a discounted Bid price and other not so favored companies a higher bid price with a markup. There are 4 bid classes: A through D and these correspond to the 4 Customer Class Percentage settings. The Bid Class Customer Class Percentages can be adjusted in Maintenance -> Preferences -> in the General tab.

Note: the Bid Class feature is an option and is not required to create a bid proposal.


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