You may have noticed this blank line at the top of some grid areas as you were going about your bid proposal.GridFilter_Feature

This blank line is actually a Filter for the current grid that you are in. To use it, simply type a keyword in any column and click the Enter key on your keyboard. IntelliBid will Filter that keyword in the column selected and present you with all line items that have that keyword included in it’s description. For example, in the Summary Section of IntelliBid, we need to search for all the wire that we have taken off for a particular job. The simplest way to do this is to type the keyword ‘Wire’ on the Filter line and in the description column. Now click the Enter key on the keyboard. Below are the results of the Filter:


Well, as we can see above, the Filter worked perfectly. It located all the line items with the keyword ‘Wire’, but it’s not exactly what we were looking for. What we need to understand is, the Filter feature will identify all line items with the keyword that we type in theFilter line including descriptions where the keyword is part of a word. Let’s try this once more and this time we need to be a little more specific. We’ll use the keyword ‘THHN’ in the Filter and the Description column. Click the Enter key on the keyboard. That’s much better.


The Filter located all line items with the keyword ‘THHN’ in the Description column. Always remember, that any column in a grid can be Filtered using a keyword. Also, to make it easier in locating a line item, each column in a grid can be sorted alphabetically or numerically by clicking on the Column Header. In the example above, if we click on the ‘Material – Unit’ header, the column will be sorted from the lowest number to highest. Click the header once more and the column will be sorted from highest to lowest.

Finally, to clear all Filter criteria from the Filter line, click on the ‘Unfilter’ button and return the grid to normal viewing.



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