In Item Maintenance, you can customize fields such as vendor discount or manufacturer across a group of items. We could edit each item individually, but a better method is to apply common changes like these to the entire group using IntelliBid’s Select/Fill feature. This will save you a lot of time.

As a quick example, if you want to change the Manufacturer for the items under the GRC header in the Conduit Category, simply right click on the GRC header name and choose the Select/Fill option. This branches to a submenu of all the fields that can be edited.


Choose the Manufacturer field and then enter the updated information. In this case, your new manufacturer name will be applied to all the items within the header.

In Tip #35 | Taking Selections Further, we showed you some easy to use methods to select and reuse multiple items from Takeoff. Here in Item Maintenance you can use the same methods to select multiple items within a single header, or even select many headers at once to apply the changes simultaneously.

A good example of this is if you wanted to update the vendor discount for a number of similar building wire headers. Select the headers that you’d like to apply the changes to, then right click to use the Select/Fill option, and choose the Vendor Discount field to set up a common value for these headers.


With editable fields like these, you have the capability to update many items at once but still restrict the changes to only the categories you’ve selected.

IntelliBid has been designed to be versitile and give you plenty of options to easily customize the program to meet your needs. In fact, these same techniques can be used to quickly customize IntelliBids Cost Codes if your company was using a cost code structure from a legacy estimating system prior to IntelliBid.




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