During the course of working with an estimate you open and work in various areas of IntelliBid. Each time an area such as Takeoff, Phase Tree, Summary, etc…. is opened, aTab for that area is opened at the top of the screen.

The Tabs are helpful to us because they allow us to quickly jump from area to another within IntelliBid. However, there may be a point in time where there are too many Tabs opened, making it a little difficult locating a particular Tab. Here is where this week’s Tip comes in handy.

We know that if we click on the small black ‘ X ‘ on the right side of the Tab, it will close that particular Tab. But what if we wanted to close all the Tabs at once or possibly all the Tabs but the one we are working with? Try this, on any Tab, right click the mouse button. A pop-up menu appears with three selections to choose from (see image below).

  1. Close – will close the bolded (selected) Tab.
  2. Close All But This – will close all Tabs but this bolded (selected) Tab.
  3. Close All – will close all the opened Tabs.



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