IntelliBid User Tip – Customize an Individual Bid Recap Top Sheet Copy

The Top Sheet acts as an overview of the bid and can be used as a customized Bid Report. If you want all of your bids to use a certain format, the best method is to make the changes in Bid Template Maintenance so that each new bid will automatically use that format. If you are already working in a bid and find you want to present more (or less) information, or need to change the format for a specific bid, you can use these functions to make changes directly into the Bid Recap Top Sheet.

All the same edits that you find in Bid Template Top Sheet Maintenance are available in the Bid Recap Top Sheet:

Column Headings: double-click the column headings (Column 1, Column 2, etc.) to open the dialog to enter the header for each column.

Descriptions can be changed by clicking in the cell and typing:

Rows can be added, inserted or removed from the Top Sheet when you right-click in the Top Sheet:

  • Add appends a new row to the bottom of the Top Sheet
  • Insert adds a new row above the row currently highlighted
  • Remove deletes the row currently highlighted

Cell references can be changed to show other values in this Top Sheet. Double-click any cell in the Top Sheet grid area and type the new cell reference in the dialog.

If you need to look up the cell reference, go to the tab sheet (QUOTES, EQUIPMENT, DIR LBR, etc.) that shows the value you want to display in the Top Sheet and highlight the cell. Then locate the button labeled Edit Cell Formulas (located lower left below the grid). This opens Bid Template Maintenance in a display window. The cell you highlighted in the Bid tab is selected (blue background). Note the cell column and row number, in this example it is D251.

Close the Bid Maintenance window and return to the Bid Recap Top Sheet. Double-click the cell that you want to display this value and type the new cell reference into the Top Sheet Reference Editor dialog box.

When you click OK to this dialog, the new value will be displayed in the Top Sheet.