By setting up your company information and contacts within your company allows you to choose the estimator and/or the project manager for the job. It also ensures a nice professional report when sending any correspondence (Bid Proposal, RFI’s, Transmittals, Change Orders, and Documents).


  1. On the Sidebar Menu on the left, click the Companies/Contacts button. (There should be a blue line at the top as shown below
  2. At the bottom portion of the screen enter your Company ID and your Company Name, address, etc. (The company ID and Name can be the same thing or your company ID might be the short name for your company)
  3. Click the Company Type button.
  4. IntelliBid assigns Competitor automatically to the company identified as “My Company”. Click the check box for Quote Vendor as well. Click OK.
  5. Click the Contacts tab.
  6. Click the Add button next to the Contacts cell to add in your office personnel (Estimators, Project Managers, Owner, etc.) These contacts would be anyone who might possibly use the IntelliBid estimating software.