IntelliBid Version 8 FAQs

When you add your own Occupancy types by right clicking on the list, if you want something different, does it make its way to the pie graph?

You can add or edit occupancy types when you are in the job registry tab by doing a right click on the drop down arrow for Occupancy Type and selecting “Maintain Drop Down Values”. Yes, these occupancy types will appear in the pie graph.

Can you collapse specific assemblies or is it all or nothing?

Using the Collapse Assembly icon in takeoff will collapse ALL assemblies. You cannot collapse specific assemblies.

Will jobs bid in Intellibid 7 show up in IntelliBid 8’s new pie charts after upgrading?


How do you add a general contractor?

On the sidebar select Companies/Contacts – click the yellow “New Company” icon – Provide an ID and a Name – On the General tab at the bottom, click Company Type to assign the new company as a Contractor. When you go back to the Jobs button on the side bar, highlight a job and click the “Bidding Contractors” tab at the bottom if you want to add that contractor to this job.

Can V6 jobs be imported into V8?

Yes, as long as you are on v6 version 6.20.38.

Will v7 estimates import to v8? If so, are the differences/discrepancies in databases seamless?

The upgrade from v7 to v8 is not like v6 to v7; it is the same program; same icon; when you upgrade to v8 it will update the database leaving your estimates, pricing, libraries all intact.

The upgrade will not make any edits to the current database formulas, items, libraries, pricing, or jobs.

Can you import our custom v7 Bid Template to v8?

They will be in tact; if you create a brand new v8 data you can import jobs, items, libraries, bid templates into the new database.

Can you import our custom assemblies from v7 to v8?


Can we download IntelliBid v8 to our Administrator only before going live with all of our server based users?

Yes, have your admin give us a call and we can get that setup for you.

Can Cost Codes be edited or add new ones?

Yes, Maintenance / Items / Cost Code button at the bottom. Scroll down to the unassigned line to add or rename an existing cost code.

Can you add additional equipment in the bid recap?

In Bid Recap hit the Equipment tab / Use the Insert Quote Description or the Append Quote Description.

In Bid Summary, are we now able to save the proposal as a .pdf?


Can the Dashboard be emailed out?

No, you can use the “Snipping Tool” to capture the dashboard and email that.

In Bid Recap / Top Sheet – is there a template for Bid Memo?

No. To type something in Bid Memo, make sure the bid is not frozen.

In Bid Recap, can you export to MS Project?

Yes, use the drop down next to the printer and select “MS Project Export”.

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