One of the most important steps in setting up your JobTrac program is taking the time to enter the Resources utilized on a daily basis. Resources are your labor resources, the employees you schedule for work and the tools and equipment you plan to bill during the course of a job. This week’s tip will focus on adding employee Resources to JobTrac.


Add Resources by going to the Resources section -> Labor area.

The labor area is split into two halves with the top half displaying your Resources and the lower half displays the information on the Resource that is highlighted above. The first tab in the lower half is the General tab. The costs and bill rates, working days, time off, etc. are all defined here. Adding a Resource is accomplished by clicking on the Yellow Plus at the top of the screen (see image below). Enter a Full Name, Employee ID and the Resource Skill ID in the pop-up dialog box provided.

Note: The Skill ID drop-down menu displays many skill levels to choose from however, should you require a skill level that is not listed, it can be added in the Maintenance -> Skills area.

General information pertaining to each Resource is entered in the lower half of the screen in the General andEmployee Info tabs. The Time Off (1) button opens a dialog box where you can set up days the employee will not be working. This includes Vacation, Comp Time, Personal, Sick Days and Other time off. When assigning a Resource to a task in Schedule, the Time-Off days will be skipped when work time is scheduled.

The Start Work Date (2) is the date in which this Resource joined the company. The End Work Date (3) is the final working day of the Resource with the company.

The Current Rates tab displays the skill level of the Resource when the Resource was initially created. The Add Skillbutton (4) on the bottom left corner allows you to add additional skill levels as the Resource acquires them.
The Delete Skill (5) button deletes a skill level from a Resource.

Note: In the Schedule section, you assign the employee by Skill level and the cost rates for that skill are used for the budget costs.

In the Current Rates tab, the Cost and Bill rate columns may be edited so you can manually change individual rates for this resource. The edited rates apply to this Resource only. When you change a rate in either the Current Rates orPending Rates tab for that Resource, a check mark appears in the Locked (6) column. This means the rates for this Resource will NOT be changed when updates are made to the rates in the Maintenance -> Skills area. If you uncheck the Locked column, the rates for this Resource will be reset to the Current and Pending Rates in the
Maintenance -> Skills area.

The Pending Rates tab works the same way as the Current Rates tab in that, the rates in the Cost and Bill grid columns can be changed for a Resource and will not affect the global rates that were set in the Maintenance -> Skillsarea. The Change Date (7) column indicates a date in the future when the rates for the Resource will change. However, if you would like to change the date the rates will take effect; select a date from the calendar provided in the drop-down menu. Keep in mind, the date change will not affect the dates that were set in the Maintenance -> Skills area.


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