Email_MaintWe all know that preparation is one key to success and taking a few minutes to prepare your JobTrac software will pay dividends and set you on a path to successful project management. One of the preparation tasks to perform is to properly set up your e-mail server settings located in the Maintenance section.

To begin, click on the blue  Maintenance button on the Left Navigation bar and then click on
E-mail Setup. Fill the input boxes with the information for your:

  1. Outgoing Mail Server – this will work with a service that supports a POP 3 account
  2. SMTP Server Port
  3. Default (From) E-mail Address – this is what will be used in the From: field on e-mails
  4. If the server Requires a Secure Connection, check the box.
  5. If the server Requires Authentication, check the box. This will enable the fields for the Account Name and Password. Enter the appropriate information in these fields.
  6. When you have the e-mail setup information entered, click the Send a Test Message button.



Note: if you are not sure of your SMTP Mail Server or SMTP Server Port, ask your IT administrator or the individual that would know this information. On the other hand, if you use an e-mail service like Google G-Mail, Yahoo Mail, Comcast, or one of the many other e-mail providers, you can identify your SMTP Outgoing Mail Server information using this list. If your provider is not listed here please give them a call and they will be more than happy to provide you with the proper SMTP information.


After clicking the Send Test Message button, a dialog box will pop up. Change the To E-mail Address to your own email address and if you desire, change the Subject and Message Body fields to read what you want. (Remember, this is a test e-mail you can change it later.) When you click Send, an email message will be created and sent to this
e-mail account to verify the settings are working properly. If the email is successful, the Status Message content will change from “Ready” to “The E-mail has been successfully sent” in green lettering. Next, look in the e-mail box to verify that the test e-mail was sent. This completes the setup process.


Note: if the e-mail attempt was unsuccessful, verify that the e-mail address is correct and also, double-check and verify the SMTP Server Settings for accuracy.

Once the E-mail setup has been completed you may now use the Journal Messaging Center to send correspondence to individuals and companies that you have set up in the Companies / Contacts area. You can now send Transmittals, RFI’s, Phone Memos and even import E-mail correspondence from your Microsoft Outlook 2007 or 2010.


In order to activate the Import E-mail button in the Journal Messaging Center, you will need to have Microsoft Outlook 2007 or2010 installed on your computer. Also, Microsoft Outlook has to be open and running in the background for the Import E-mail button to be activated. If you do not see the Import E-mail button, close down JobTrac and start Microsoft Outlook, then restart JobTrac once more.

Note: Microsoft Outlook 2003 will NOT work with the Journal Messaging Center.





E-mail correspondence from Vendors, Contractors, Subcontractors, etc…. can now be imported into the Journal Messaging Center and kept on record with the project. A unique feature within the Import E-mail function, allows you to quickly add / import a contact into your Companies / Contacts Section if that contact does not exist there but you will be corresponding with them in the future.






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