Employee Time Cards play an important role in JobTrac. Daily Work Reports and Job Costing are two areas that integrate with Employee Time Cards. JobTrac allows entry of actual hours worked in a couple different ways to accommodate different work requirements or preferences. The first step is to enter your Resources in the Schedulesection by job, task and date. The hours entered in the Schedule section are the hours you are budgeting to complete the task. This automatically puts the labor resource records in Job Cost, Daily Work Reports and the Time Cardscreens. Updating the hours in one of these screens automatically updates the other two.


The Employee Time Cards can be found in the:

Resources -> Labor -> Time Card tab


Entering time worked in the Employee Time Card tab can be done in a few ways:

  1. by clicking in the appropriate columns (1) (e.g. Time In/Out, Regular, OT, …) and entering hours worked.
  2. by clicking once in the Time In column (2). This automatically enters the Work Day start time that was initially entered in Maintenance -> Preferences -> Work Days. The Time Out column is calculated using the default of 8 hours or the budgeted hours for this resource for this day.
  3. by using the Auto fill Actual Hours (3) button to populate the hours assigned in the Schedule section for any dates that do not already have actual hours assigned.

To record holiday, vacation or sick time, select the record for the date you want to use in the grid and then click in the field below the grid for Sick hours, Holiday hours or Vacation hours (4) and enter the number of hours to assign. These will be recorded on the Time Card reports.

When you have completed recording the hours for this resource for this pay period, you can finalize the Time Card for payment by clicking the File Time Card button (5). The text changes color to blue as a visual reminder that you have completed this resource. You can edit the hours again; this will change the text to red to remind you to File Time Card again.

Print out the Employee Time Card for this resource or all your resources for a specific Pay Period, by clicking the Printbutton in the Tool bar and selecting one of the Employee Time Card entries.

The three methods listed below give you a slightly different view of the labor schedule. It doesn’t matter which method you use, it depends on how you normally handle work hours or how you would like to handle work hours.

  • In the Employee Time Card tab for Labor Resources. This view allows you to work with specific individuals by entering the hours worked by pay period. If the actual hours are posted in Job Cost, those hours will display in the Employee Time Card tab. If you change the actual hours in Employee Time Cards, JobTrac will update the Job Cost Usage hours.
  • In Job Cost, any actual hours entered will populate the Employee Time Card for that resource and vice versa. In Job Cost you can enter hours by job and task for the resources for all dates assigned.
  • In Daily Work Reports, you can enter hours for all resources by job and task for a single day. These hours also update Job Cost and the Employee Time Cards.

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