This tip shows the basic flow of creating a work breakdown structure (WBS) during the bidding stage and howJobTrac then automatically brings that WBS for awarded projects into the schedule area. At that point, the project manager is ready to assign labor, schedule the tasks, and easily create the schedule of values (SOV) for efficient progress billing.

Creating a work breakdown schedule begins in IntelliBid as the estimator sets up the Phase tree. IntelliBid
automatically highlights phases in blue to identify the scope of work and to narrow down which tasks are going to be transferred to JobTrac.

Figure 1

This workflow—using IntelliBid to draft a WBS at the pre-construction level—saves time and reduces the typical scramble once a project is awarded.

While still in IntelliBid, you can view the active scope of work in terms of cost and sell dollars. This view is accessible in Bid Recap by clicking the Phase Breakdown icon at the top of the screen.



Figure 2
Figure 2

This Phase Breakdown is the basis for the SOV in JobTrac. There are options here for printing the breakdown or exporting to spreadsheets for project managers to manually build a progress billing schedule. With JobTrac, this Phase Breakdown automatically becomes the SOV, saving considerable time during the initial stages of a project’s startup.

Figure 3
Figure 3


The above graphic (from JobTrac’s Schedule of Values screen) shows the SOV with the same WBS from the IntelliBid estimate.

In the next tip, we will see how to make adjustments to these values to match the actual contract value of the project.



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