In the inaugural JobTrac Tip of the Week #1 a few weeks ago, we discussed an important step in setting up the software program before you begin to use it. As with all Tips of the Week, they are designed to take us through the steps of properly setting up and using the software product from beginning to end.

In this week’s tip we’ll discuss setting up the Numbering Preferences for Job IDs, Purchase Orders, Field Reqs, and more. Staying in the Maintenance -> Preferences section we’ll discuss the Numbering tab (see image below).
As we can see, there are many fields that we can customize to the way we organize our receipts, forms and documentation.


  1. By placing a check mark in the Auto # column, JobTrac will automatically assign the next number in line when you create a new record.
  2. We can set the format of the numbering scheme in the Prefix column. The defaults include a designator such as“FR” for Field Requisition, “SHP” for Shipping Slips, and so on. The four zeros in the format represent the numbers in the auto-numbering format. Keep in mind that the number can appear in any part of the format, for example:
    0000-PO, 0000-SHP, etc…
  3. Enter the first number to start with in the Start # column. (i.e.. SHP-0001, PO-0123, etc…) This allows us to continue a sequence we may already have started in the office.
  4. The Job Level check box allows us to make this numbering scheme apply to the job level. In other words, if the box is checked, JobTrac starts numbering at 1 or whatever number we designated for each new job. If the box is left unchecked, JobTrac will continue the numbering sequence from one new job to another. This applies to Purchase Orders, RFQ’s, Field and Inventory Requisitions.
  5. Stock Numbers. If we are carrying inventory and have our own stock numbering scheme in place, we would leave the Stock Numbers box unchecked. This way if we add material into Inventory, we can supply our own Stock Numberin the patterned sequence we have developed in the office. On the other hand, if we don’t have a Stock NumberingScheme then we could check the box Stock Numbers. This way, if we add material to Inventory, JobTrac will automatically number the item(s) for us. JobTrac uses a 15-character number based on IntelliBid’s database and catalog assignments using a format of:


The numbering scheme that JobTrac uses works like this; The first 2 digits is the Database number: 01 for Electrical, 02 for DataBid, etc. The second set of 3 digits is the Category: 001 for Conduit, 002 for Elbows, etc. The third set of 5 digits is the unique sequential identifier. The number automatically increments by 1 digit for each item added.

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