ConEst JobTrac is part of ConEst Software Systems’ PowerSuite of estimating software for electrical and datacom contractors. It is a Project Management application designed for scheduling and tracking jobs, collecting information through the submittal process, processing Change Orders and Alternates, keeping track of important schedule dates, allocating resources and equipment, submitting payment applications, and staying in touch with other companies involved in the project.

With the new JobTrac Tips of the Week, we will attempt to educate and inform you on the way JobTrac functions, reveal little hidden gems and show you how you can get the most benefit from a very powerful and comprehensive software product.

The best place to start with the first tip is at the beginning of JobTrac. As with all ConEst Software products, there is some initial setup before you begin to enjoy using the software. One of the first things to do is to setup the Work Daysfor your company.

Click on the Blue Maintenance button on the left navigation bar, then click Preferences. Select the second tab at the top of the screen labeled Work Days. (see image below)


Choose from:

  1. Work Days is where you identify the days in the week normally scheduled for work. The default is set for Monday through Friday.
  2. Pay Period establishes whether you pay weekly, biweekly or monthly with the default set at weekly. This is used in setting the dates on Time Cards.
  3. Pay period end sets the day in the week that is the last day of your pay period.
  4. Work day starts sets the default Time In value for labor resources in Job Cost and Daily Work Reports.
  5. Lunch Break is set in minutes. This is accounted for in the Job Cost and Time Card value calculated for the Out fields. The default is set to 30 minutes.
  6. Auto-deduct lunch time when hours worked exceeds is a field that determines IF the lunch break will be applied. Set this to the number of hours an employee has to work before the lunch break time will be accounted for in the Time In and Out fields.
  7. Holidays identifies the days your company observes as days off. JobTrac will automatically skip those days in scheduling. You can always override the weekend/holiday schedules simply by selecting the date and scheduling resources for it in Schedule. Enter the days you want to mark as holidays using the add row star at the bottom of the grid.

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