On any given day we can look around and see people communicating with one another via cell phones, texting, emails, Tweeting, Facebooking and occasionally a face to face conversation. Communicating is how we interact with one another in business, friendly conversation, or sales presentation to a prospect. With JobTrac v4 and IntelliBid v7 we now have the capability of recording and tracking our communication with individuals and organizations that we do business with on a day-to-day basis. The heart of the communication center in JobTrac v4 and IntelliBid v7 is called theJournal Messaging Center. The Journal Messaging Center is where we document and send Transmittals, Memos, Import Emails from Microsoft Outlook, send Bid Proposals, document phone calls and more.

The Journal Messaging Center can be found in the Job Registration section under the Journal / Messaging tab.


This tab contains messages sent from the Journal Message tab in IntelliBid v7, BidTrac v3, JobTrac v4 and from the JobTrac Submittals and Change Order screens. Any messages created can be emailed in text format, emailed as a .pdf file or printed on a document. You can attach documents to your emailed messages and zip the file if you wish to encapsulate it. Once sent, the Journal Message Center records how the message was sent, whom it was sent to, the date, the subject matter and whether it was successfully transmitted or not.




You can also View sent messages, Resend a message, Forward them to another contact or Import the Responses from Microsoft Outlook. This can be accomplished by either right clicking or double clicking on the message line. If you use Microsoft Outlook, you can retrieve email messages and attach them to messages already sent, such as replies to your email.

Note: Microsoft Outlook 2007 or higher is required for interacting with theJournal Messaging Center.



There are several message types in the Journal Messaging Center; some are sent from Journal Messaging and others like Change Order Proposals and Submittals are submitted from their respective area. The message formats that are available with JobTrac v4 and IntelliBid v7 are preformatted templates that you may customize to suit your business needs.

Note: to customize the Journal Messaging templates you will need to access the Maintenance -> Communication section.

To send a message, use the buttons at the bottom of the Journal Messaging tab (see yellow square above).

  • Transmittals can be sent from the Journal Message tab.
  • RFI (Request for Information) is a form with sections for requests, suggestions, projected project schedule and cost effects.
  • Phone Memo is a free-form text message that can be used as confirmation of phone conversations or other informal purposes.
  • Documents puts copies of documents from your computer into the job folder for reference.
  • Memo Doc is another free-form text message that can be used for any message purpose.
  • Import Email is the capability to import email messages received in your MS Outlook account (version 2007 or higher). Email responses that have been imported into the Journal Message Center will be placed in a sub-level of the original message and identified as a Response (see green arrows above).
    Note: in order to use the MS Outlook feature, MS Outlook must be launched and running before JobTrac v4 is launched Otherwise, the Import Email button will not be available.
  • Change Order proposals are sent from the Change Order Section and is included in this grid.
  • Submittals are entered in the Submittals section. Once submitted, there are entered in this grid.
  • Bid Proposals created in Bid Recap are also recorded here.

The icons within the red square (see above) are symbolic and are intended to help identify the type of messages that are located in the grid. You can also filter the messages with the Show Journal Entries drop-down menu located at the top left corner of the Message Center.

All Journal Messages that are generated will have a copy placed in the Journal Message Center, in the Job itself and in Companies / Contacts section with the company or individual it was sent to.


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