As you are entering information into JobTrac, you may find that you need to add more values than what is offered in theDrop-down Menus. For example, there may be a need for a special mailing address or a phone number other than Business 1 & 2 and Fax. Well, there is a little known feature that can help out with that situation.

With many of the Drop-down Menus, you will notice a small black triangle to the right of the menu. Clicking the left mouse button will present you with what it has to offer for default values. But those default values may not be enough. JobTrac will let you customize some of the Drop-down Menus enabling you to add special values that you need. Try this, with your mouse, Right click on a Drop-down Menu (in the example below it’s Business). A message appears prompting you to Maintain Drop Down Values. Left click in the message box, a pop-up menu opens allowing you to input additional values into the Drop-down Menu.Maintain_Values

In the example above, the addresses for Home and Warehouse were added to the menu by clicking the ADD (1) button and typing a value. Immediately, the value is placed at the bottom of the list. Should you want to have a value set at a particular position in the list  (e.g. Home as the first address), simply left click on the address you want relocated, hold down the left mouse button, then drag it to the first position in the list. You can add many values to the list and reorder them in the way that suits your needs.

Customization of the Drop-down Menus is limited to:

  • Job Registration
  • Jobs -> Specifications
  • Purchase Orders
  • Companies and Contacts

Most Drop-down Menus in these areas can be customized, but there are a few that cannot. Right click on a menu to see what happens. If the message box Maintain Drop Down Values does not appear, then it cannot be customized.

One particular menu that lends itself well to customizing is located in the Jobs section. The Drop-down Menu is called
Occupancy Type and as you can see, there are many custom values that can be entered here. JobTrac menus come prepopulated with many choices, but there is room for more.



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