Conest Connect

web-based business intelligence-your info with a new view
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All Your Estimating Data at Your Fingertips

Conest Connect is a powerful reporting tool that connects you with the data you already have in IntelliBid. Access your database to generate custom reports and dashboards based on your estimating performance views to help you make sound business decisions.

Helping You Make Informed Decisions Faster

In today’s digital environment, where decisions must be made quickly and accurately, it’s important to have a reporting tool that can help you generate, analyze, and display data quickly so you can make informed decisions based on your estimating data:

  • Create powerful, dynamic reports in minutes
  • Set up multiple custom dashboards to compare common projects quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to waste time searching for critical information
  • Drill down into details of your report to isolate specific important details
  • Forecast purchasing and labor requirements for multiple jobs at once

Focus On What You Do Best

The construction industry is constantly changing, and you need reporting to help you plan for anything that is thrown at you. Create custom views to keep critical metrics at the forefront.

  • Use filters and sorts to produce targeted reports
  • Keep track of your contractors and estimators’ performance
  • Easily determine the most winnable and profitable jobs
  • Evaluate success rates of your estimators by bid activity, job type, or job size

Never Miss a Deadline Again

We’ve all been there. Tight estimating deadlines and heavy workloads can sometimes cause you to miss important targets or overlook critical information which would fall through the cracks.

  • Examine “Bids due” tile to show all upcoming bids
  • Determine estimator workload and availability
  • Review and follow up on bids and change orders

Conest Connect offers the electrical/datacom contractor a new analytical tool so they can gain insight into the success of their estimating team to win bids by the size of the project, by type of project, by estimator, or by bidding contractor to guide the organization’s effectiveness and growth.