RapidDispatch is complete online service dispatch/management to automate operations for any size business. Manage work orders, technicians, inventory and invoices with RapidDispatch.

Because RapidDispatch is web-based, you can manage your business from anywhere and from any device with Internet access. Better organize your projects, employees and travel time using Google Maps as part of an integrated feature in RapidDispatch.

All of your information is stored electronically, so you have quick access to your data, as well as access to our powerful reporting features, from anywhere, 24/7. RapidDispatch eliminates unnecessary paperwork, so work orders, purchase orders and invoices are sent out quicker which means you get paid faster.

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Key Features of RapidDispatch

  • The Dashboard provides at-a-glance view of work order scheduling
  • View outstanding work orders by day, week, month or timeline
  • Additional work order details are just a click away
  • Summary charts show work orders by status and invoice by amount
Work Orders
  • Office personnel can customize service requests, create work orders and schedule technicians
  • Work Orders can be detailed with labor time, equipment and materials to be used on the job
  • Dispatch views provide seamless Google Maps integration to find the best route for quick response to customer emergency service requests
  • Field staff access their assigned work orders and can make adjustments to labor & material details
Time Cards
  • Field technicians can report their hours to work orders via the browser or through the mobile app
  • Admin-level users have access to all technician time cards and reporting functions
Materials & Equipment Management
  • Manage standard materials lists, billable equipment and service vehicles
  • Ability to add custom materials while on the job
Invoices & Payment Processing
  • Invoices are easily generated from the work orders and include field staff time card entries and materials & equipment used during the Work Order
  • Invoices can be updated on the job, and easily printed or emailed to the customer.
  • Admin level payment processing allows for export to spreadsheets or accounting packages
  • No software to download, install or maintain
  • 24×7 centralized access across a wide variety of computing platforms
  • Eliminate Paperwork, Improve Efficiency & Save Time
  • Manage Field Service work flow from Work Order Creation to Dispatch to Invoicing

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