SureCount Onscreen Takeoff Software

Save time and resources with onscreen takeoff. SureCount takeoff software will dramatically improve the way you estimate and increase your ability to takeoff more projects in less time.

Count Symbols Automatically

Symbols can be counted manually or by using SureCount’s patented auto count feature. SureCount is the only solution that will automatically count all symbol types simultaneously. This saves you significant time in the overall estimating process.

Measure with Ease

Just point and click between pathways and SureCount draws the line in the color and style chosen with each segment and total lengths displayed. It’s easy to lay out branch or feeder runs with elbows and boxes, as well as vertical rises or drops on the drawing or between floors.

Select Areas for Better Customization

Separate areas on a drawing, such as two halves of a floor or an area with unique installation factors, for counts and measurements within the designated area for project requirements, such as itemized pricing or alternate pricing.

Compare Revised Drawings Instantly

Addenda and project changes create revised drawings. Those changes are quickly and easily identified with SureCount’s Overlay feature that displays new items in green and items that were deleted from the original drawing in red.

Direct Takeoff to Conest IntelliBid Estimating Software

Direct takeoff from SureCount to IntelliBid improves accuracy while saving you valuable takeoff time. Estimating tasks such as assigning material and labor can now be done during takeoff in SureCount. The organization of drawings and phases is also synchronized with IntelliBid. This gives you an optimized workflow when organizing the project by phases, device types, or other categories.

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