Many times estimates can be compared to similar installations, and square foot cost comparisons is one of the various ways to analyze an estimate. This tip uses SureCount to quickly calculate a floor plan’s square footage.

Select the Sketch A Polygon button from the toolbar (Figure 1).


The following window will appear instructing you to select the ‘Calc’ button (Figure 2) after you have selected the area on the drawing.


Using the left button of your mouse, simply click and follow the architecture of the building with your mouse to define the area in which you want SureCount to calculate. The area can be irregularly shaped, making the task of building square footage fast and easy. Once you have selected the area on the drawing, select the ‘Calc’button (Figure 3) as mentioned and a window (Figure 4) will appear with the calculated square feet.



Selecting Yes to save the area will save the value at the top of the symbols group (Figure 5). When saving the measurement you can also label the areas if you had multiple areas on the drawing that required some form of breakout.





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