Creating a new job in SureCount can be accomplished in two ways. To begin, at the top left corner of SureCount, click on the ‘Job‘ menu. There are two options for creating a new job; Add Job or Add IntelliBid Job.


  1. Add Job: will create a new job without the Direct Takeoff feature activated. Symbols along with Branch and Feeder measurements can be created on drawings but Takeoff material cannot be attached to them. Count Sheets can be used to import the Symbols and measurements into IntelliBid where Takeoff material can then be added and sent to the Audit Trail.
  2. Add IntelliBid Job: a new job will be created with a connection between SureCount and IntelliBid. This feature allows us to assign items and assemblies from the IntelliBid Item database to the symbols created in SureCount. Performing a Takeoff in SureCount will add these items to the Audit Trail for the IntelliBid job.
    Note: Keep in mind that SureCount will not link an existing SureCount job to an existing IntelliBid job. This option is for creating new jobs only.

    With the Add IntelliBid Job option we now have two more options when creating a new job.

    Option #1: We can create a job right from SureCount by using the input boxes on the left half of the Add Job dialog box. Simply assign the Job an ID, a Name, choose the Bid Template to be used in Bid Recap and then give it a Bid Name. This will initially create a very basic job in IntelliBid and create a connection between SureCount and IntelliBid. We can then go about creating Symbols, Feeder and Branch measurements and assigning Takeoff material as we go along. Keep in mind, with this option the Phase Tree and Job Spec have not been customized for the job so we will be limited to the default Phase Tree and without Job Specs. This option may be ideal for our situation, whereas other jobs may need to be started in IntelliBid for more flexibility (see Option #2 below).Add_Job2Option #2: The other option is on the right half of the Add Job dialog box. All the jobs that have been created in IntelliBid will be listed here. Simply locate and select the new job that will be connected to SureCount. On selection of the new job, all the input boxes on the left half will instantly populate with information from the IntelliBid job. This is the preferred method in creating a new job that will be connected to IntelliBid. By creating a new job in IntelliBid prior to making the connection from within SureCount, allows us to customize the Phase Tree to suit the job (i.e. floors, rooms, common areas, etc…), set up the Job Spec for rapid Takeoff’s within SureCount and precise exporting of Takeoff material to specific areas of the Phase Tree.

  3. Save a Job As: Use this function to copy a job to another name. The new job includes the symbols with their counts and the measurement symbols with their lengths of the original first job. It does not include the components on measurements.
  4. Delete A Job: deletes a Job from SureCount.
  5. Grant Job Access: This option will allow other users access to this job and its drawings, we can use the Grant Job Access function. This only applies when our files are in a networked environment. To add Users for this option please review Tip #4-3, option #1 – User Maintenance. Simply select a User or Users that will have access to this job.


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