In our last SureCount Tip of the Week, Tip # v4-2, we discussed the importance of creating a backup of your SureCount database. That was accomplished by accessing the SureCount Administration Utility, then we set a few parameters and created a database backup. For this tip of the week we’ll stay in the Administration Utility and take a look at how we can customize SureCount using the ‘ Utilities ‘ section of the Administrator.

To access the ‘ Utilities ‘ section we’ll need to open the SureCount Database Administrator. On the lower left corner of your screen click on the Microsoft Windows ‘ Start ‘ button -> All Programs -> SureCount folder -> SureCount Admin. Once the Administrator opens, click on the ‘ Utilities ‘ button on the left side to open the Database Administrator. On the right half of the Administrator window you’ll notice that the Server Name, User Name and Password are pre-populated with information. Simply click on the ‘ Connect ‘ button and the four buttons below will become activated.


  1. The first button ‘ User Maintenance ‘ allows you to add or delete users who will have access to SureCount. To add a user simply click on the ‘ Add User ‘ button and enter the user name, ID, password and whether the user has access to all SureCount jobs. This feature is useful in a multi-user networked environment.
    Note: only one user at a time can have access to a particular drawing.
  2. Locked Drawings is typically used in a multi-user networked environment. When a drawing is opened by a user, the drawing becomes Locked to keep other users from access to that drawing. The Locked Drawings feature displays the drawing that is Locked (in use) and the User ID of the individual that is working with the drawing. However, should you need access to a particular drawing the drawing can be unlocked and access is granted for another user.
  3. Company Information button allows you to enter your Company Name, address, point of contact, email address and phone numbers. This information will appear on the bottom of all reports that are generated within SureCount.
  4. Data Migration utility button imports the data from the SureCount database v to v 3.0. For those of you who need to import data from a SureCount Legacy database (v to v 3.0), please follow the detailed instructions in the Help menu or call the ConEst Tech Support Team for assistance.

Please note, the balance of the buttons on the left side of the SureCount Database Administrator are also for maintenance purposes. Most of the buttons are self explanatory so feel free to explore and get comfortable with this Admin Utility. You can use the Help files in each section to assist you in learning more about how your SureCount Administrator functions.

Once you are finished with the SureCount Database Administrator, click the Disconnect button and close the window.


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