Importing drawings into SureCount is a basic and fundamental step in the process of counting items and measuring distances for an accurate bid proposal. Typical drawing file formats which can be imported into SureCount are:

  • JPG
  • PDF
  • TIFF
  • CPC

There are two options to import drawings into SureCount from the top drop-down menu:




Add Drawing allows you to import a single drawing from a folder located on your local hard drive, a removable thumb drive, a networked drive or anywhere else the drawings are stored.

Add Drawing Folder allows you to import a folder with many drawings all at once.


Once the drawing or drawings are imported, you may begin working with them immediately. However, if you have a drawing that is Multi-Layered, there are a few extra steps you should be aware of. Multi-Layered drawings are typically a single .PDF file with many drawings inside. For example, the walls may be on one layer, the plumbing may be on another layer and the Landscaping on another. SureCount will recognize the layers in the file and present them to you in a list for inclusion or exclusion into a final, single workable drawing. This is how it is accomplished:

  1. Select Add Drawing from the upper drop-down menu (see image above)
  2. Select and Import the Multi-Layered drawing from its stored location
  3. SureCount Opens the Add Drawings dialog box as seen in the image below
  4. Assign a unique Drawing ID to the drawing ( i.e. E-1, E-2, E-3, etc…)
  5. Click the Add Drawings button


SureCount will present the imported drawing in a format similar to the one seen below. All the drawings that were in the imported file are listed in the left side preview window. Initially, all the drawings will be selected to display the data from all layers in the preview window on the right.


Use the Select/Deselect check box to check all layers or uncheck all layers. Selecting specific layers allows you to create a drawing with only the information you need on it. Many of the layers may have parts of the drawing you really don’t need (i.e. Plumbing, Landscaping, etc…) to design the electrical system. Select the layers you want to include using the check box next to each layer.

The Preview button shows how the layers you selected would look like as a drawing. A progress bar under the drawing indicates when the preview is ready. You can adjust the layers by checking and unchecking them to get the drawing looking the way you want, then click Preview again to view the new drawing.

When you have the drawing the way you want, click Save Drawing. An input box opens displaying the Job ID and theDrawing ID fields containing the original ID as a prefix. You can edit this ID to read something else or add identifying text after it. Enter a Drawing Description and click Save. The drawing is now added to the Drawing dropdown list above and displayed in the SureCount main work area. You can now work with this drawing in the same way as any other.


Note: If you want to create a different drawing view using another combination of layers, select the Original drawing from the Drawingdropdown list above, repeat the layer selection steps listed above and save it. This redisplays the layers in the window on the left allowing you to select other specific layers, click Preview and save it as another drawing.


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