Historically, design changes made by the architect or engineer would require traditional hard copy floor plans to be re-issued to the contractor and when revisions were made to the drawing, estimators would receive the revised drawings… usually when they had already been working on the original drawings. So often a “light table”, with a glass covered box illuminated from below, was used. This allowed the estimator to overlay the new drawing with the original to quickly see the changes.

Stepping forward to todays technology, SureCount has its own electronic light table with its Overlay Feature. Revised drawings can easily be overlaid to the original and SureCount will instantly detect differences between revisions and highlight the additions or deletions to the drawing. Whether it be a symbol, wall, door or even text, SureCount will pick it up!

This is a great convenience for electrical and data cabling estimators that have to keep up with multiple drawing revisions. We show this feature in the series of SureCount screens below.


As shown above in figure 1, we have a typical office floor plan depicting various electrical and data symbols for outlets and other components. We start off with the original base version of the drawing, and then use the Overlay button to select a revised drawing for the overlay.


In figure 2 we show the revised part plan that we just loaded included for comparison in the project.


Figure 3 above shows how the revised drawing “Overlay” can be re-positioned with the mouse as it is superimposed over the original drawing. This allows you to visually align the two drawings, so that they can be compared by SureCount.


Figure 4 shows how SureCount will color-code the changes introduced in the revised drawing compared to the original. Deleted components, walls, or other areas that were on the original diagram and missing in the revision will be shown in red. Additions introduced in the revised drawing will be highlighted for you in green. This makes it easy to quickly spot the differences brought about by the revised drawing.


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