SureCount’s many tools and features can be accessed from the Tool Bar at the top of the screen. To help identify what a particular icon is and what function it has, simply place the mouse cursor on an icon and wait a second. A Tool Tip will appear identifying the icon.


But did you know that many of the common tools and features can be quickly accessed by using the Right Mousebutton? By using the Right Mouse (referred to as “Right Click“) button you can save some time with less movement of the mouse. The tools and features are accessed in the Drag Drawing Mode. You know you are in the Drag Drawing Mode when the mouse cursor looks like a small hand. If you do not see a small hand cursor, click on the Drag Drawingicon on the Top Tool Bar.


Let’s take a look at what you can do when you Right click.

  1. Create Symbol ID – Before you can count symbols, you need to define the symbol you want to count. Click on a corner of a symbol on the drawing. While holding down the left mouse button, drag the mouse to the opposite corner of the area you want to select and release the left mouse button.
  2. Create Measurement ID – This function is used with the Branch and Feeder Measurement symbols. It draws the Branch and Feeder measurements directly onto the drawing calculating the length of each measurement. You can also add components; elbows, connectors, field bends, segments, J boxes or pull boxes as you create the branch or feeder measurement.
  3. Undo Last Action – Undo last action backs you out the last action you performed.
  4. Undo Selected Symbol – removes all counts or measurements from the current drawing for the symbol selected in the Symbol bar.
  5. Selected Area – allows you to define a section of the drawing you want to SureCount to auto count with boundaries marked in red.
  6. Add Symbol – this feature allows you to add SureCount’s pre-defined symbols to the drawing. The symbols can be useful in design build projects or when as-built drawings are required.
  7. Takeoff List – is a quick access button that displays the Takeoff List dialog box allowing you to Takeoff assemblies and other material to be exported to IntelliBid.
  8. Show Matched Symbol – this feature displays all the symbols SureCount auto count found as a match as well as those that were possible matches. This dialog allows you to confirm which images should be included in the count by the check box next to each image. Unchecking the box will remove that symbol from the drawing and symbol count.
  9. Add/Remove Highlight – displays the Highlighter dialog box allowing you to highlight an area on the drawing or remove a highlighted area on the drawing.


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