When making branch or feeder measurements in SureCount, the program by default shows the measurement of each segment you have drawn on screen (Ie. If you change direction or stop the measurement part way). See Figure 1 as an example.


SureCount gives you the option to have measurements made without displaying the segments on screen. In some cases it may be appropriate to not show them.

From the Maintenance Menu at the top of the screen select Reset Preference as shown in Figure 2


Figure 3 shows the next window in which you have the option to choose to uncheck either the Branch and/or the Feeder measurement values from showing on screen.


Figure 4 shows the example of a new line drawing that does not show the measured segments on screen.


Note: If your drawing already has measurements displayed before you turn them off, simply switch to another symbol group or drawing and back again to refresh the screen and remove the measurements.




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