Direct takeoff from SureCount to IntelliBid lets you create a detailed bill of material and labor faster and for more consistent estimates. Each drawing can be assigned to a specific phase of your IntelliBid job — each symbol and measurement can be assigned to specific items or assemblies from IntelliBid. When takeoff in SureCount is complete, simply select Takeoff to IntelliBid — your bill of materials and labor is automatically generated, broken down by the project’s phasing, also known as the work breakdown structure. During the course of the estimate, you may also be taking off counts and measurements over a number of days or modifying your takeoff due to addendums.
This tip shows you how to verify that the takeoff from SureCount to IntelliBid is complete, including both original counts and measurements and changes to those original totals and calculations.

Figure 1 below shows a number of takeoff measurements that we can analyze to help understand what has been taken off on the drawings and what has been transferred into IntelliBid.
Item 1 Underneath the 3#13+G you will notice 41.83 of (121.56). This represents 41.83 feet measured on the current drawing and a total of 121.56 feet for all of the drawings in the project. Also note the IntelliBid: 0 Adj: 41.83. This shows that there is presently 0 feet transferred to IntelliBid leaving an adj(ustment) or a difference of 41.83 feet between what is on the drawing versus what has been entered into IntelliBid.
Item 2 shows 78.43 feet measured on the drawing but only 41.23 feet has beed tranferred into IntelliBid. In both item 1 and 2 you can simply select the ‘Takeoff to IntelliBid’ in SureCount and these differences will then be transferred to IntelliBid leaving the Adj: =0 therefore verifying what is counted or measured on the drawings has actually been transferred into IntelliBid.
Item 3 shows 0 of (138.2) meaning that there are no measurements on this drawing but the total footage from other drawings total 138.2 feet. IntelliBid :0 Adj: 0 verifies that no measurement exists on the drawing or in IntelliBid.
Item 4 shows 46.88 feet on the current drawing and 46.88 feet transferred to IntelliBid so the difference is 0. Understanding these conventions will help verify completeness of th takeoff giving you the confidence that what has been counted or measured in SureCount is also been transferred to IntelliBid.



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