Training 101

You’ve just made an investment in estimating software but can’t find time in your hectic schedule for the appropriate training needed to take advantage of the software’s full capabilities. As a result, you still find yourself running up against tight deadlines and working on estimates late into the night. Unfortunately, this is the case for many contractors.

Reduce frustration with day to day tasks when bidding a job with new technology.

Proper training will reduce frustration and hours of non-productive time staring at a screen. Devoting time to training allows you to stay focused on learning specific features and tips that relate to your business’ day to day tasks and goals ensuring that the tool is being used to its full potential and you experience fewer user errors.

Improve estimators software knowledge for business success.

The work day has become so busy for most us that many times we learn bits and pieces from co-workers to get by. Be careful as this can result in bad practices becoming the standard for your company. Sometimes you can arrive at the same result but with less efficiency. Without a formal structure, it’s hard to be certain your estimators are using the software properly to improve their skills and benefit your business. Training is only effective when you give your estimators the chance to use and absorb what they’ve learned. Your whole company will benefit in the long run.

Save your company from hours wasted on trial and error.

Formal training will save your company from hours of trial and error so that every project is completed on time and a complete and comprehensive estimate is produced, providing assurance that you are confident when submitting your bid. Having estimators and project managers who know how to use the software correctly will make your estimates accurate and more efficient by streamlining your processes and ultimately produce more winning bids.

About Sharolyn Lewis

Sharolyn Lewis is a Software Trainer for ConEst Software Systems with over 25 years in the construction software industry. She currently trains ConEst applications for Electrical Estimating, JobTrac, and SureCount thru online training, online webinars and classroom instruction. Sharolyn worked for Trade Service Corporation training an electrical software application as well as editing and uploading manufacturer price lists into the TraSer software. Sharolyn has trained MEP estimating, Purchasing, and Time and Material Billing software to contractors for many years. She was part of the Pentagon Renovation Project between 2007 and 2012 as a commissioning lead overseeing testing and start up for Fire/smoke alarm systems, Lighting and lighting control systems, Energy monitoring and control systems, plumbing systems, and HVAC distribution systems. She has a degree in Industrial Psychology from the University of Louisville. She also has an Associate Degree in Construction Technology.