What’s In Your Toolbox?

As an Estimator and Manager, I never hesitated spending money on tools and equipment to get the job done right. The responsibility of contractors, owners, and managers is to provide tools for the work force to perform tasks efficiently and safely. All trucks and vans need to be outfitted with the proper items and common tools, ladders, wire pulling equipment, power benders, etc., and made accessible to your employees. Having the right well maintained and up to date tools on the job reduces labor costs and increases productivity.

The right tools in your van and the right technology in your office

Estimating and Project management software are tools, as important as any tool that a business requires. Having the appropriate and up-to-date software is crucial to being cost effective and productive, enabling your team to create more complete and accurate estimates. Possessing the right information to make critical decisions is vital to being a successful contractor.

Providing the proper tools in your office is just as important as in the field. We’re living in a virtual world, with electronic drawings, submittals, RFI’s and countless emails, requiring a need for faster internet speeds, as well as more robust computers and servers. Whether it’s the ladder on your truck, the software your estimators use, or the hardware it’s run on, having the right tools is essential in today’s business world to be successful and profitable.

About Scott Holden

Scott began his electrical construction career in 1984, working his way up to becoming licensed in three New England states, participating in and managing million dollar projects. In 1999, pursuing another passion, he turned to technology and with his electrical and IT background, joined ConEst Software. Now with more than 30 years’ experience, Scott is an integral part of all facets of operation within ConEst. His talents have made him a valuable resource in product development, customer support and training, and planning and maintaining ConEst's IT computer systems and network environment. He is equally enthusiastic about creating the best software products possible for the electrical contracting industry and providing our customers with the highest level of customer service and support.