Founded in 1989, Conest’s estimating software has fundamentally changed the way electrical, low-voltage, security installation, and fire alarm system contractors conduct business by providing the ability to produce competitive bids that result in projects that are managed efficiently and increase productivity. Conest’s industry experience, in contracting, professional estimating, and project management drives the design of our software with the contractor, estimator, and project manager in mind by providing software solutions that are industry smart and easy to use.

Conest’s industry experience drives the design of our software  — solutions that are industry smart and easy to use.


In 2017 Conest was acquired by JDM Technology Group. JDM Technology Group is a global software business focused on delivering business software systems for the architecture, engineering, and construction industries with over 100,000 users served in 40 countries on 7 continents, employing over 500 staff. The JDM Technology Group’s core business philosophy is a long-term commitment to customer service coupled with providing the best possible solutions to customers. JDM Technology Group companies include Computer Guidance Corporation, Conest Software, Explorer Software, IndustrySmarts, JOBPOWER, MPulse Software, and Vision InfoSoft in North America; CSSP, CostCon, LEVESYS, Nimbus, and Plusfactor in Australasia; and Estimate, Integrity, RedSkyIT, and StreamBIM in Europe and the Middle East.
For more information about the JDM Technology Group, visit: http://www.jdmtechnologygroup.com/