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Webinar: Assembly Group Collections – August 18, 2022

IntelliBid uses Assembly Groups to allow choices during takeoff (checkboxes to choose which connector, coupling, mc cable, etc.) you wish to use when taking off an assembly. Assembly Group Collections are standard groups already created. This Webinar will teach you …
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Webinar: Summary/Bid Recap – September 15, 2022

This webinar introduces the Bid Recap screens using the Basic Template. IntelliBid’s Bid Recap feature calculates final adjustments to the estimated items, quotes, subcontracts, and equipment and enters the values for labor, job costs, overhead, and profit. Unlimited webinars with …
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Webinar: Master Phase Tree – September 29, 2022

A default set of Phases is included with IntelliBid. The Set Filter tool modifies what is displayed on the Phase Tree. These filters are All, Electric, Data/Video, Residential, Low Voltage and Med/Hi Voltage. This Webinar will show you how to …
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