Bid Recap Labor Adjust Tab

In the Labor Calculations tip, we discussed different methods to adjust labor hours in your bid. The Labor Adjust tab in the Standard and Short Bid Templates is the most advanced way of modifying labor hours assigned to your bids. (This tab is not available in the Basic or Quick Templates. Remember, if you want to use a different template in Bid Recap, simply create a new bid and choose either the Standard or Short templates.)

Standard and Short Bid Templates

Estimated Hours

In the first section, ESTIMATED HOURS, the hours displayed are calculated from Takeoff by Labor Class (Electrical, Equipment Operator and Low Voltage) and Labor Type (Regular, Overtime, Shift-2, Shift-3, or Double Time). The next section XFER REG HRS gives you the option to transfer hours from the ESTIMATED HOURS section to one of the other hour types: Overtime, Shift, etc. For example, in the above illustration, 32 hours was entered into the Shift-2 Electrical hour’s field. (Remember red text in the Bid Template means you can edit those values). The HOURS SUBTOTALS displays how hours are re-distributed after applying your hours to Transfer modifications. Referring to the illustration above, the 32 hours are deducted from Regular hours (row 15) and now appear in SHIFT-2 HRS (row 17).

Percentage Adjustment

PERCENTAGE ADJUSTMENT section provides the estimator the flexibility to alter labor hours for different job site conditions that impact installation time. Add a percentage adjustment into rows 21 – 30. Adjustments can be made for all installation conditions that will affect labor hours, weather, poor design, general contractor quality, occupied building, hazard location, dusty environment, and so on.

Adjusted Labor

ADJUSTED LABOR totals the hours from the Estimated hours plus the adjustments entered above.
The Loss Labor Calculator reflects general labor adjustments for the project. This allows the estimator to consider job duration and crew size, computes any necessary overtime hours, and applies an adjustment to account for the loss of efficiency resulting from working your crew extra hours. Simply double-click on one of the Loss Labor Calculator cells in the Labor Adjust tab, enter the required values, and the calculator will apply the Labor Hours adjustments to your Bid.

CALCULATED LABOR HRS shows the new total hours by Labor Class and Labor Type.

BELOW you can see how The Percentage Labor Adjust tab allows you to make percentage adjustments to your Labor Hours to account for job conditions.
Double-click on any of the conditions in Column B. Then select the amount of risk using the checkboxes. You can edit this dialog to include the wording or percentage you want to use. Entering a simple percentage adjustment in any of these cells updates your Labor Hours in the Bid. Also, the adjustment for weather conditions provides a specialized calculator designed to help you determine the weather’s impact on your job duration.

Bid Recap Labor Adjust Tab