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Manage and track projects with JobTrac project management and field communication software. Track budgeted and completed labor, material, equipment and subcontractors, change orders, alternates, submittals and all correspondence, including daily logs and documentation related to each project. Manage project costs and requests for payment with detailed RFQs, purchase orders, submittals, time-cards and AIA documents.

Complete Project Management

JobTrac directly integrates estimates created with IntelliBid, allowing for a seamless transfer of project information.

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  • Built-in Gantt charts make it easier for you to schedule project tasks and labor resources
  • Calendar view lets you see each project at-a-glance
  • Complete change order and project document management make it easy for you to stay organized
  • Create and track submittals with ease
  • Daily Work Reports provide tracking of labor, accidents, weather, subcontractor activity and material installations. Productivity calculations are performed for the day, week or to-date for the individual or crew by the hour or by the day.
  • Manage progress billing with Schedule of Values and AIA billing documents
  • Generate RFQs for pricing from vendors
  • View status of reserved and available inventory by quantity and location
  • Create and track detailed purchase orders and field/inventory requisitions
  • Track expenses incurred against revenue produced with complete job costing
  • Use historical job costing data by job type to create a true labor factoring adjustment percentage calculation based on your company’s past performance
  • Track and store all project related information required by your insurance company to process bonds including the bond amount, project start date, liquidated damages amount and project duration
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Project Scheduler

JobTrac’s Gantt charts let you schedule your crew by job or by each task on large projects.

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  • Schedule and track crews, equipment, material and subcontractors by job task
  • Monitor milestones for each job and task
  • Track the progress and job cost of each project and task
  • Reschedule predecessors automatically
  • Monitor slack to utilize lead/lag days more efficiently

Inventory Management

Complete inventory management at a glance.

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  • Complete material and equipment inventory control
  • Maintain total visibility of all perpetual inventories—warehouse and at all job sites

Total Communications Management

Real-time open communication between estimating, project management and office personnel is paramount to the successful outcome of every project.

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  • Use JobTrac’s Journal Message Center to email, fax or print RFIs, RFQs, purchase orders, change orders, transmittals, submittals, memos and breakout add/deduct quotes
  • Send and store messages in PDF format

Built-in Application for Payment (AIA Billing)

Based on AIA billing methods, create an Application for Payment using information stored in JobTrac as well as your project manager’s visual assessment of the job’s progress.

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  • Full edit control of the amounts for material, labor, subcontracts, equipment and DJC by task
  • Manage totals out of balance with the negotiated contract amount
  • Maintain change order and alternate costing
  • Track each task’s current balance, stored amount, retainage and previous payments