Manage and track projects with JobTrac project management and field communication software. Track budgeted and completed labor, material, equipment and subcontractors, change orders, alternates, submittals and all correspondence, including daily logs and documentation related to each project. Manage project costs and requests for payment with detailed RFQs, purchase orders, submittals, time-cards and AIA documents.

Complete Project Management

JobTrac directly integrates estimates created with IntelliBid, allowing for a seamless transfer of project information.

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Project Scheduler

JobTrac’s Gantt charts let you schedule your crew by job or by each task on large projects.

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Inventory Management

Complete inventory management at a glance.

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Total Communications Management

Real-time open communication between estimating, project management and office personnel is paramount to the successful outcome of every project.

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Built-in Application for Payment (AIA Billing)

Based on AIA billing methods, create an Application for Payment using information stored in JobTrac as well as your project manager’s visual assessment of the job’s progress.

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jobtrac-high-resMobile Access to Daily Work Reports

Mobile access to daily work reports enhances the construction workflow. JobTrac Mobile emulates the same functions found in the Daily Work Reports of JobTrac’s desktop version.

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