Electrical Estimating & Project Management Software

Conest software products are bidding and estimating solutions designed to help contractors manage a project’s complete workflow, from pre-construction through project completion. Easily build an accurate list of materials and labor hours for a competitive bid, and then manage every aspect of the project from tracking change orders to daily work reports and job costing. Purchase each Conest component individually or as a bundled, turnkey solution.

Electrical Estimating Software in the Cloud
CE Cloud brings you the power of Conest’s solutions IntelliBid, SureCount and JobTrac delivered through the cloud.

In today’s digital world your software needs to extend far beyond the desktop. Whether on a job site, traveling or working in a remote office CE Cloud products can transform your business.

Complete estimating for electrical contractors & low-voltage contractors. IntelliBid is designed to help electrical and low-voltage contractors produce estimates faster with the detail and accuracy you need to meet the demands of price breakouts, alternate prices and accountability to project management. This estimating software is available in four editions: IntelliBid, IntelliBid Plus, IntelliBid Pro and IntelliBid Design Build.

Count & measure from electronic drawing files; Direct takeoff to IntelliBid. Eliminating paper drawings is good for the environment and smart for your business. Saving the cost of paper reproduction alone will pay for the benefit of SureCount—and then there’s the increase in productivity. SureCount will dramatically improve the way you estimate and increase your ability to takeoff more projects in less time.

Manage and track projects with JobTrac project management and field communication software. Track budgeted and completed labor, material, equipment and subcontractors, change orders, alternates, submittals and all correspondence, including daily logs and documentation related to each project. Manage project costs and requests for payment with detailed RFQs, purchase orders, submittals, timecards and AIA documents.

Conest Software Systems is the only construction software solution provider to address the need for estimating and lighting design software for electrical contractors. Design Build™ incorporates the same built-in Smart System™ technology found in each level of IntelliBid but adds the ability to calculate lighting requirements and electrical formulas including load, motor, voltage drop, service and feeder calculations and more. Tackle your design build projects and electrical calculations with confidence using IntelliBid Design Build!

Calculate series segment voltage drops, NEC Article 220 Services and Feeders, fault current, load calculations, motor calculations, conduit fill, box fill and wireway fill. Current NEC tables in the software ensure that your calculations are precise. Calculate lighting requirements based on room dimensions, floor space, ceiling heights and wall color with the built-in Zonal Cavity Lighting feature while completing the estimate simultaneously. No need to calculate, then estimate – with Conest Electrical Formulas and IntelliBid, you complete the task in one easy step.