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GTP Services is a leading innovator in the construction industry by providing cutting-edge software and services. We help facilitate and bridge the gap within the construction workflow to help leverage your company’s BIM efforts. Our tools will help raise your company’s project bids, and provide the ability to track the status of all items through the life cycle of a project and communicate to the field directly though the model. GTP Services helps connect your business with technology that will elevate your company to the next level of overall construction workflows.

QuoteSoft is an estimating solution developed to meet the unique needs of piping, plumbing, and duct work contractors. Our industry-specific solution is used by thousands of estimators in North America. QuoteSoft creates consistently accurate estimates, bids more jobs, and allows you to effectively manage projects. QuoteSoft is designed to meet the unique needs of mechanical contractors for commercial or industrial projects, from duct work, industrial process piping, HVAC piping, plumbing, and insulation.







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