SureCount can provide you with accurate measurements for Feeder or Branch runs as well as Linear measurements for track lighting, rope lighting or the length of a hallway. In order for SureCount to provide those accurate length measurements, SureCount needs to Calibrate the drawing that you wish to measure on. SureCount does not use the scale of the drawing for a few reasons. To begin with, the drawing is initially created to a particular scale size. The drawing will then be scanned into a digital format that SureCount can read. That sounds simple enough. Why can’t SureCount use the Scale that the drawing was created with? When the drawing was scanned, was it scanned smaller or larger than the original? During the scanning process, were the drawings digitally manipulated in any way to make the scale size inaccurate?

As you can see, there are many variables that have to be taken into consideration to accurately measure on a drawing. This is where the Calibration Tool comes into play. Whenever you click on the Branch(1), Feeder (2), or Measure Tool(3), a Calibration dialog box opens (see below).
Note: you may also Calibrate or Recalibrate the drawing by clicking on the Calibrate icon (4) on the Top Tool Bar.


Follow the Calibrating instructions in the dialog box:

  1. Click the Begin button. The Calibrate dialog closes temporarily.
    Note: You will enter the number of Feet and Inches after you select a measurement on the drawing.
  2. Choose a symbol on the drawing that you know the dimensions of. Examples below are; a fixture that is 4 feet in length, a doorway typically is 3 feet wide, etc ….
  3. Following the examples below, begin calibrating by left clicking once on one end of the item to be measured, then left click the other end of the measurement once more. The Calibrate dialog reopens with a red line marking the measurement you just made.
  4. Enter the length in feet and inches. In our example below, the fixtures are 4 feet and 0 inches long and the doorway is 3 feet 0 inches long.
  5. Click Save. SureCount calibrates the drawing based on what you just entered as a measurement. Now when you use any of the measurement tools, SureCount will be able to give you an accurate reading based on this measure.


Note: Measurement lengths calculated in SureCount can only be as accurate as the calibration assigned. When calibrating your drawing, be careful to measure a known length and make it as precise as possible. Remember, you can zoom in close on the drawing to more easily select points on the drawing.


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