When you are working on an estimate over an extended period of time, you may need to update the Takeoff to accurately reflect the current Material and Labor values.  For example, material you took off two months ago may have changed in price since then.  In order to update this information, open the Takeoff screen and click the Recalculate All button.  This refreshes your Takeoff to reflect any changes to the master item database or special items.  The Recalc function is also used when you change your Labor Level or Vendor, but it only affects either your Material or your Labor, respectively.

When you click the Recalc button (or change the Labor Level or Vendor), IntelliBid displays the Recalc Preferences dialog box.

The first thing this dialog box asks is whether you want to “Update User Defined (Red) Items.”  When you modify a Material price or a Labor Unit for an item in Takeoff or Summary, that item is classified as a User Defined item.  The value you modified is displayed in RED.

This is how the Recalc Preference dialog box functions:

  1. Selecting ‘YES’ will update all items, including those you’ve edited, with the current Material and/or Labor values in the Item database.
  2. Selecting ‘NO’ will update only the unmodified items, leaving User Defined values (those in RED) unchanged.
  3. You can see which items will be affected by clicking the View Items button before recalculating.

You can see which items will be affected by clicking the View Items button before recalculating

Next, the dialog asks if you want to verify your items in the Master Database.  This will make sure the items in your takeoff match the items in the database.  It is intended especially for imported jobs that used a different database for the original Takeoff.

  1. Selecting ‘YES’ will compare the Description and UPC Number for each Takeoff item to the same record in the database.  If they don’t match, the item will be displayed in the Verify Takeoff Items dialog where you can choose to replace the item (or not) before the recalc begins.
  2. Selecting ‘NO’ performs the recalc without checking the master database.  Takeoff items will be updated with the information for whatever item IntelliBid finds in that location in the master database.  Use this setting ONLY if the current database is the same one you used to create the Takeoff.  Otherwise you could find the Takeoff items drastically different than the original.
  3. The Options button lets you select which values are updated during the Recalc.  If you want to exclude certain fields from the update, click the Options button and uncheck the values you want to retain in Takeoff.  For example, if you have updated Cost Codes in your master database, you need to recalc your existing jobs in order to apply the new Cost Codes from the database; but you may decide you do not want to update the pricing in the job.  In this case you would click Options and uncheck the price fields before performing the Recalc.

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