How often do you have to re-enter essentially the same takeoff for different phases of a project or even a similar takeoff from a previous project? The quantities, material and labor will likely be different but there is considerable time saved in not having to re-enter the material over and over, which might also lead to inconsistencies in wrong material being re-entered. The quantities, material and especially labor can then be adjusted for each phase or project. IntelliBid performs these repetitive functions very easily using simple select/copy/paste options.


Here’s how you do it…

For example, let’s say you’ve just finished taking off all the overhead lighting fixtures in part of an office building, and the project has many of these rooms across several floors.

Select the items or assemblies that you want by holding down your left button and dragging your cursor down through the list. Then right-click and select Copy. Now go to a different phase in your project and right-click with your mouse and select Paste Append to paste the material into that new phase. If there is already takeoff in that phase you can select a row in that takeoff and select Paste Insert to place the material above the selected row. This can help organize your takeoff.

IntelliBid will prompt for any material or labor adjustments in case this area needs adjusting.IBv7-34-Paste-Settings

Another example is where your present estimate requires numerous materials required for a given system or connection that you recall using in a previous estimate. Simply open that previous estimate and go to the phase where that material exists. With the same technique as above, select the desired material by highlighting the items or assemblies that you want by dragging your cursor down the list, then right-click and select Copy. Now re-open your present estimate, go to the phase you want to copy the material to and right-click and select Paste Append to paste the material into that phase.

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