IntelliBid, JobTrac and SureCount have built-in prompts to help you avoid a catastrophe such as forgetting to include material and quotes in the job, making sure your pricing for items are up-to-date, and many more prompts to assist you in placing the most accurate bid possible.

Did you know that there is a prompt in the Takeoff area that you can set for yourself to remind you about certain material? It’s located on the right side of the Takeoff Audit Trail. You can’t see it until there is material in the Audit Trail. In the illustration below is a Feeder that has been Taken off. Just below the list of materials you’ll notice a scroll bar. Slide the scroll bar to the right and you’ll notice many more columns with much more information on the material listed. This additional information is taken from the database and cannot be changed here.


As you scroll to the right you’ll notice a column labeled PROMPT along with many check boxes. Each line item of material has a check box that can be selected to Prompt you in the Incomplete Items dialog box just before entering Bid Recap.
In the illustration above, the line items for 3/0 copper THHN and #6 Green THHN are selected to prompt for material pricing and labor units before entering Bid Recap.

As seen in the illustration below, the prompts are useful as a reminder to check certain volatile items (e.g. wire, pipe, etc…) in the Incomplete Items dialog box before completing the bid. Last minute changes can now be made to the material pricing and labor units.
Note: Before your bid is final, you will want to check that all prompted items are properly priced. This Incomplete Items dialog box can also be opened at any time in Bid Recap by clicking on the Incomplete Items icon in the Bid Recap Tool bar.


It should be noted, if you have an item or items that you are frequently prompting for a price or labor watch, you can set that material to automatically prompt you whenever it is taken off in the Audit Trail. To accomplish that, you’ll need to locate the item or items in the main database and place a check in the Prompt box for that material. This way you will not have to worry if you will be prompted in the future.

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