The Replace Factors function gives you the ability to change the Material and/or Labor pricing by modifying the Material and Labor factors for a group of items in Summary. You can also use this feature to create Material or Labor only bids by setting all the material or labor item prices to zero. We will describe the feature first and then discuss setting prices to zero.

In Summary, set the Display Mode to Expand.

Summary displays all Takeoff items, but you can limit the list of items using the Phase filter or Cost Code filter in the Toolbar.

Select the items: If you want to modify the factors for all items listed in Summary, continue to the next step. Otherwise, select the specific items to modify by:

  • selecting an item, pressing the shift key, and click another item to highlight a contiguous list of items, or
  • select an item, and while pressing the ctrl key, continue clicking items for modification.

Right-click on any highlighted item and select Replace Factors from the menu.

The Replace Factors dialog box allows you to specify the material and/or labor factor you want to use to replace or multiply by for all items or highlighted items.

  • Use the dropdown for Mat-Fact and Lab-Fact to select a factor. You can also enter the factor manually by clicking in the list box and typing the desired factor.
  • Use the Include checkbox to apply the setting for Labor and/or Material
  • Select to Multiply or Replace as the function to apply to the selected factors
  • Update Selected Rows when checked, applies the change to just the highlighted items, unchecked applies the changes to all items listed in Summary.

In this example, the Material Factor in the highlighted items listed in the Summary will be replaced with the value 1.15.

To zero out the material or labor prices on a job:

In Summary, set the Display mode to Expand.

Since you will be setting all the Material or Labor Factors to zero, you do not need to select items because we want to set all factors to zero.

Right-click in the Summary grid and select Replace Factors.

Set the Replace Factors selections as shown here:

  • Edit the Mat-Fact list box and type in 0.00 (this value is not in the dropdown list, but you can set the Factor field manually).
  • Click Replace Factor Settings
  • Leave Update Selected Rows check box unchecked.
  • Click OK.

That’s it. It may take a minute or two, but all the material factors will change to 0.00, resulting in a 0.00 total Material Result. The same can be done for labor.

Replace Material and Labor Factors