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Conest Software Systems is the only construction software solution provider to address the need for estimating and lighting design software for electrical contractors. Design Build™ incorporates the same built-in Smart System™ technology found in each level of IntelliBid but adds the ability to calculate lighting requirements and electrical formulas including load, motor, voltage drop, service and feeder calculations and more. IntelliBid Design Build gives you complete onscreen electrical estimating & design power right at your fingertips!


Electrical Formulas & Lighting Design

Conest’s Electrical Formulas software is bundled with IntelliBid Design Build for complete lighting calculations and accurate material costs. Calculate series segment voltage drops, NEC Article 220 Services and Feeders, fault current, load calculations, conduit, box, wireway fill and more! Current NEC tables in the software ensure that your calculations are precise. Use the Zonal Cavity Lighting feature in Conest Electrical Formulas to calculate lighting levels and lamp types based on room size, ceiling height and wall color.

No need to calculate then estimate – with Conest Electrical Formulas and IntelliBid Design Build estimating software, you complete the task in one easy step!
Electrical Formulas is included with IntelliBid-Design Build