What Contractors Are Saying About Conest

One more great thing about IntelliBid is its ability to look at the project on both a phase and total job basis where your costs are running as you are taking off. You don’t have to have separate screens or use a separate function of the system to obtain that information.” – Don Barnett

…there is a lot of repeatability associated with the type of bidding I’m doing…the great thing about IntelliBid is that I can change a few numbers, update pricing and move on to the next one. My turnaround time in terms of estimates is really fast.” – Fred Warren

While other software developers just put a new face on an old application, ConEst has actually added functional productivity with their new version. Nobody else can come close to providing the ability to be upward compatible and keep moving into the future. It’s a pleasure working with a company that is attentive to input from the ends users.” – Clair Becker

Having had some experience in using computer based estimating systems, I was able to pick up ConEst quite easily on my own. I would say that recently having used it for a $14 million bid is a pretty good testament to that fact.” – James F. Tremblay

Your people are OUTSTANDING! I don’t believe anyone else in the business can, or will, match the level of support and sincere effort to help their customers that ConEst folks have demonstrated to us. Thank you for all you do.” – Mike Melton

I cannot say enough good things about your support staff. I have never had a bad experience dealing with them. They are always professional, knowledgeable and totally supportive during (our) times of crisis.” – Larry Kaplan

The flexibility in the software is immeasurable. It’s almost impossible to place an ROI on that.” – Head Estimator

Trying to bid jobs the old way was difficult since I had to guess how long it would take to perform work and try to get the proper amount of stock for these projects.Now that I have this program it simplifies how long jobs should take and how much stock it requires to do jobs.The Support Service team has been with me every step of the way for any questions I would need in order to bid small to larger projects.” – Ernie L., Business Owner

I have been using your product for almost 5 years. I would not consider another product for our companies estimating needs… the ease of use combined with the integrated email/ correspondence feature is a huge plus.

Your technical support is exceptional. if I have a question or a problem if they are not available immediately they return the call in minutes. They will stay on line with you without a qualm until you are 100 percent squared away.” – Bob P., President / Owner

“You both are EXCELLENT at support. I’ve never felt such “love” than I did when you were helping us upgrade ConEst and combine databases. I learned a lot watching you. I appreciate the fact that you both went “above and beyond” to answer all my questions and help me to understand how your program works with Windows and Mac. Thank you!” – Tammy Kent, Office Manager